ULBU conducts its activities in its own premises adapted to higher education.

It has four campuses on different sites in Bujumbura Town: Campus MUTANGA NORD with 18 classrooms of different sizes; KININDO Campus with 14 classrooms of different capacities; KAJAGA Campus housing the Center for Scientific Conferences and Meetings (CECORES) on the road to Gatumba and KUBUMENYI COMPOUND Campus located at Avenue du Large.

The University of Bujumbura Light is expanding outside Burundi; there is the Goma Campus located in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Karisimbi Commune, Mabanga District, Mutongo Avenue.


ULBU has three computer labs, two at the Mutanga Nord campus and one at the KININDO campus.

It also has a specific laboratory at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Kinindo Campus.


ULBU has a rich library of more than 21,154 books including 9225 physical books and 3973 ebooks. These were provided to order according to the actual documentary needs of the ULBU.


In partnership with the African Virtual University (AVU), a project to set up a Center for an Online learning with program such as Computer Science, Peace and Conflict Resolution is in its implementation phase.