Civil Engineering


The Faculty of Science and Technology organizes a university education, aimed at training high level design engineers to equip the country with qualified technical staff.

These engineers, with their know-how and professionalism, can contribute effectively to promoting and accelerating the process of developing available national resources.

To fulfill this, the Faculty will give the winners of general and technical high schools who have successfully passed the state exam, a higher education in Science and Technology which will be successively developed in three departments namely:

 Department of Civil Engineering;
 Department of Planning and Urban Planning
 Department of Hydraulics and Environment.
With time and depending on specific resource requirements, the Faculty will be able to open other departments such as Electromechanics, Architecture and Building, Civil Aviation and others.

The winners of the Department of Civil Engineering will be assimilated to field engineers. They can be hired:

 In construction companies as quality controllers,
 In design offices as assistants to design engineers.
Will be admitted to the Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology, students who meet the conditions described below:
 To have completed secondary school in Scientific A or B section or the Technic section in Civil Engineering, Rural Engineering or Geometer-topographer
 Have successfully passed the state exam.