Clinical Psychology


The Bachelor Program in Psychology Sciences allows the student to understand, in the various spheres of a person’s life, intellectual abilities, behavior, behavioral problems, mental health and mental health disorders, normal personality and personality disorders.

It offers specialized training to know the major fields of the discipline of psychology and prepares to continue the studies of master and doctorate in psychology.

The entire program provides the student with basic scientific and professional training that includes the acquisition of advanced knowledge and the acquisition of practical professional and research skills.

In the professional field, training promotes the acquisition of knowledge on clinical and community approaches, an introduction to evaluation and intervention methods, the development of appropriate professional attitudes in the psychologist’s acts and the deepening of the main theories and their fields of application.

The training touches on several aspects of the social sciences, research methodologies and biological sciences.

The program’s strategic objectives are to meet national needs for specialized resources in

  • Mental health disorders,
  • Juvenile and adult delinquency, and
  • Psychology to study the phenomena of social violence in order to prevent them.
  • Psychology and sociology with skills in human resources management and organizational psychology,
  • School psychology to intervene in the Burundian Teaching.

Graduates will be able to work in various organizations and sectors of employment such as:

  • Hospitals
  • The prison environment
  • School and university environments
  • Army and Police
  • The banks
  • The various government departments,
  • Industries
  • Health centers and medical clinics
  • NGOs working in the psychosocial fields