Computer Sciences


The Bachelor of Computer Sciences program stands out from other computer science programs in that it provides training aimed at improving the ability of graduates to intervene in complex situations, particularly in the context of organizational management. The training acquired allows them to intervene in the setting up and development of informatics systems for the management of companies and organizations of all kinds, public, commercial and industrial. It also provides the skills required to work in non-traditional areas such as patient records and e-commerce sites. Several courses prepare students to fulfill their role towards the users of the systems they have to develop and from the programmers and other technicians who will work with them to develop these systems. The training offered also makes it possible to intervene in less traditional and ever expanding technical fields such as multimedia and the Internet.

Management courses provide a better understanding of organizations. They address the most important concepts and models of management and provide the ability to solve a wide variety of issues related to both informatic management and the management of people, goods and services.

The program aims to train IT analysts who specialize in the design and integration of IT tools for management applied to the field of organizations. It aims to improve students’ ability to solve problems and intervene in complex situations. It aims to develop the ability to evolve in a collaborative environment and to communicate with management professionals and other areas. It also aims to promote the acquisition of knowledge in advanced technologies. For its scientific and technical qualities, the program gives access to higher education.