University Center for Training and Research in Entrepreneurship (CUFORE) in acronym, University Light Bujumbura informs the public that it organizes entrepreneurship training for people who want to start a project or strengthen their skills in management Business from 07 January 2019.
At the end of the training, the participants will have acquired knowledge and skills relating in particular to the following aspects:
a) How to find a viable business idea,
b) how to do a market study of a project
(c) how to develop a realistic business plan and
d) how to keep a simplified accounting.

Of the seven modules offered during the training cycle, each participant can choose the modules that interest him and thus gain the opportunity to be supervised by CUFORE throughout the writing of a business plan

Any person with the level of University, secondary diploma from the following categories is eligible for this training: young boys and girls, civil servants and retirees as well as active entrepreneurs.
For more information, please call 22 23 06 38/79 222 300/79 728 384.

NB: Candidates with innovative ideas will have the opportunity to be connected to potential donors

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