Health Sciences


The bachelor degree in Health Sciences is an innovative program which is taught both in French only in English. Its goal is to train professionals and researchers who can make an original contribution to the study of biological, social and environmental factors that affect health. Students are exposed through an interdisciplinary approach to the various health issues facing individuals and communities, nationally and internationally. Several areas of interest are proposed: human anatomy and physiology, microbiology and immunology, pharmacology, communication and health, health program development and evaluation, nutritional determinants of health, bioethics, etc.

Resolutely focused on excellence, this program promotes an integrated approach to the health sciences. Graduates are prepared to assume various responsibilities in public and private organizations and may also access graduate professional education programs in audiology, occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy or other health disciplines, such as: epidemiology, health promotion, international health, physical activity sciences, or medicine.

This training is at Kinindo campus.

The Faculty of Health Sciences comprises two departments namely the Department of Nursing and the Department of Public Health and Management of Health Services.

The curriculum of the department of public health and management of health services extends over 3 years divided into six semesters and in progress of the BAC + I, BAC + II and BAC + III ending with a 405 hours internship followed by an internship report.

In the same way, the curriculum of the Department of Nursing covers three years divided into six semesters and in the course of Bac I, Bac II and Bac III ending with a 405 hours internship followed by an internship report.