Light Award



Nurturing a new breed of leaders showcases practical results through immediate action taken by those empowered; and there is no better way to picture this than seeing youth taking entrepreneurial paths.

LIGHT AWARD, an annual youth entrepreneurship competition, is meant to spark the entrepreneurship spirit in youth, putting them in pathways of community problem solving as they initiate activities that, initially, render them autonomous, job creation oriented, and leaders; as well as contributors to the prosperity of the national economy, by rewarding winning ideas/projects financially, coaching/follow-up, free online promotion and referrals/recommendation as to open further doors, having given them a leverage needed to kick off with their ventures.

On April 22nd 2018, we successfully held the first edition on the LIGHT AWARD; three best projects got financial support to take off with their entrepreneurial ventures; together with the additional 5 finalists, they received 2 months coaching with a local partner, an incubator (Burundi Business Incubator). We hosted 4 intense coaching sessions on Business plan writing, Design thinking and strategic communication, empowering over 1.500 youth across Burundi.



  • –  Provide a platform for intense entrepreneurship coaching to empower youth; to comply with SDG 4 “Quality Education”
  • –  Create a culture that ignite youth’s initiative and service through the Light Award contest to take transformative actions in the community; SDG 8” Decent work and Economic Growth”

–  Create a platform and a Chanel through which promising youth projects shall meet investments and contribute to the regional economic rise; SDG 8 & SDG 17 “Partnership for achieving SDGs”



A. Training & Coaching: This segment covers entrepreneurship courses, digital marketing courses, Business Plan workshops, Design thinking and Communication coaching.
In addition to the above, some seminar & conferences to raise awareness shall be organized in different institutions around Burundi.


B. LIGHT AWARD CONTEST, proceed as follows:

  1. Online application: a Google form intended for data collection and statistics purposes, where applicants shall fill in their personal details as well as a brief description of their idea/project;
  2. First short listing: the jury, made of 3 specialists, shall read through the applications and shortlist best applications to go for the next phase.
    The outcomes shall be emailed to all applicants about the status of their applications.
  3. First pitch (private): this is meant for the shortlisted applicants to privately pitch their projects/ideas in front of the jury; which jury shall select up to 8 best projects to be pitched in front of the audience for the Finals.Three (3) projects per category shall be selected thereof to berewarded the Light Award prize.


  1. Social Innovation/Entrepreneurship
  2. Visual & Creative Art: Photos that tell stories to promote social inclusionand create a new narrative for Africa;
  3. Agribusiness;
  4. 20 Most Influential Women Social Impact Award (SDG 5 ”Genderequality: Women Empowerment”);
  5. 30 Most Influential youth leading social change: to promote transformative actions and recognize efforts to contributing in youth empowerment, women empowerment and service beyond self abroad (foreigners making a difference off home, to promote social integration).


CRITERIA [These criteria apply for categories 1 to 3]

  • –  Being a student enrolled in one of Universities/High-school in Burundi
  • –  Have an original idea or a running initiative/business not older than 1year
  • –  Willing to register the business within the 2 following months (Ifapplicable)