Master in Business Law

The objective of the program is to provide law graduates, public and private sector executives, with high-level operational legal training in business law in organizations as well as in public and private companies. Participants with a number of skills acquire knowledge that will make them more effective and efficient. They are concretely trained in the articulation of the organization and legal strategies, in the implementation of decisions in a given legal environment, both at national and international level. The specialized profile of the Master’s Program in Business Law aims to equip students with very advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in Business Law of companies, companies or organizations.

Structure of the program

The courses offered in Master of Business Law are as follows:

  1. Corporate Tax Law
  2. Competition and Consumer Law
  3. In-depth corporate law
  4. Environmental Law
  5. Security Law
  6. Research methodology
  7. Criminal law of business affairs
  8. Financial Analysis and Business Valuation
  9. International Business Law
  10. Banking and Financial Law
  11. In-depth insurance law
  12. Company Accounting
  13. Human Resource Management
  14. Corporate social law
  15. Right of Arbitration
  16. Intellectual Property and Patents Law
  17. Commercial English
  18. Teaching modalities

The Master’s Program in Business Law covers three years, six semesters, and is based on a hybrid teaching method characterized by face-to-face sessions (approximately 10 days at the beginning of each semester) and periods of practical work, individual or in groups, to deliver according to a predetermined schedule.

The interactive teaching method is favored in order to involve, as much as possible, students in achieving the objectives of each course. Examinations of courses seen during a semester are organized at the beginning of the following semester before starting a new series of courses.

After the face-to-face session ICTs are used (e-mail, web site, forums) to facilitate exchanges between students and teachers.

The dissertation prepared as part of the Master in Business Administration is defended before a jury.

NB: In the medium term, ULBU plans to organize this program in 2 years (4 semesters). In this case, we will have to resort to evening classes on the sidelines of the 10-day session held each semester.