The Université Lumière de Bujumbura informs the public that it is registering new students for master’s programs, academic year 2019-2020. The available Master programs are:
1. Master in Management and Business Administration (MBA) with 3 options:

. Marketing option;

. Audit and Management Control option and

. Finance option,
2. Master in Business Law,
3. Master in Development Management,
4. Master in Leadership and Management of Organizations,
5. Master in Gender, Institutions and Society.

Applications must include the following elements:

  • A certified copy of the original of the Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or a higher level diploma, if applicable,
  • Transcripts from the undergraduate or bachelor’s degree cycle,
  • State diploma (for holders of the baccalaureate diploma),
  • A curriculum vitae, A complete identity certificate,
  • Two passport photos,
  • Proof of payment of registration fees,
  • A judiciary record sample.

Registrations are open from September 09, 2019. They take place on the two Campuses of the Light University of Bujumbura located Mutanga North and Kinindo as well as downtown at CEPRODILIC, Avenue du Commerce.

For more information, please call 22 23 55 49, 61 993 964, 79 857 998, 79 670 717, 76 568 159 and 75818445.

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