Ulbu reconnects with former students: launch Ulbu Alumni

This Friday, October 25, 2019, the Ulbu were delighted to receive the representatives of different promotions since the first (2000-2001) until the current promotion, 18th promotion (2018-2019). To add the useful to the pleasant the Legal Representative, Rev. Canon Paul NTUKAMAZINA, Rector Dr Yves NDAYIKUNDA and all the former Rectors were also invited. Dr. Grégoire NJEJIMANA (1st Rector) and Déo NIMPAGARITSE (4th Rector) were able to honor their presence with this activity rich in memories and projects for the future.

From the distinguished guests to the Ulbu laureates, everyone shared the beautiful experiences at Ulbu. The laureates thanked and congratulated the founders of Ulbu and its leaders for making a great project to serve the country and the world as the Ulbu winners are currently around the world. They particularly thanked the Legal Representative and his collaborators for giving their heart and soul to the training of so many young people who are currently competent, responsible and proud executives at both national and international level.

The Legal Representative, in turn, thanked the elders for being present and for the encouraging words. He urged them to continue to expand this vision of showing the love of Christ through service to others.

Closing the Rector summed up the wishes and grievances of the participants in these objectives for the medium term: to mobilize all the laureates to participate in the graduation ceremony scheduled for January 2020 to officially launch the Ulbu Alumni Association; exchanges of opportunities between the ulbu and the winners, seniors will participate in the mentorship of students, create platforms for exchange and dialogue and Ulbu will ensure greater involvement of the winners in its activities including conferences. Ulbu’s wish is to leave the entire leadership of this Alumni association to the winners themselves. If you are a former member of Ulbu, be free to make suggestions on how to get more involved.

Long live the Ul

bu and its laureates, current responsible and competent leaders of the nation and the world.

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