The Light University of Bujumbura informs the candidates  for the academic year 2018-2019, all the laureates of secondary schools, that the enrollments in 1st year of Bachelor or Institute have started, on our two campuses of the University Lumière, namely Mutanga Campus and Kinindo Campus and down town at CEPRODILIC. The faculties available at Université Lumière according to the BMD system are:

1 ° The Faculty of Economics and Management, with the Department of

Management and Administration with 2 options:

  • Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting

2 ° The Faculty of Communication Sciences with 2 departments:

  • Communication for development;
  • Audiovisual design and production

3 ° The Faculty of Science and Technology with 3 departments:

  • Computer Science,
  • Civil Engineering, 3. Statistics

4 ° The Faculty of Psychology Sciences with the option Clinical Psychology;

5. The faculty of theology;

6 ° The Faculty of Law, Political Science and International Relations, with 2 departments:

  • Law;
  • Political Science and International Relations

7 ° The Faculty of Health Sciences with 4 departments:

  • Nurses
  • Public Health and Health Services Management,
  • Nutrition
  • Department of Hospital Management;

8 ° The Higher Professional Institute of Management and Business (ISPGECO),

with the accounting option.


  • Certificate of Passing the State Examination, State Diploma for Candidates for School Enrollment or Certificate of State Examination of Candidates at a Higher Institute who are not Holders of the State Examination state diploma.

NB: Add an attestation of equivalence of diplomas for foreigners

  • Bulletins from the last 3 years of the secondary cycle.
  • Copy of the certificate or diploma of the end of the human sciences
  • A CV
  • Copy of the identity card
  • A complete identity certificate.
  • A sample criminal record.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct Life and Morality.
  • 2 passport photos.
  • Certificate of fitness.
  • A file to suspend for file preservation (payable instead of registration)
  • A registration fee slip (36,300FBU) to one of the ULBU accounts of your choice: BCB N ° 0063231, FINBANK N ° 09027161102-65, KCB N ° 6600194537, ECOBANK N ° 05984-01 -02.
    Call 22235549/22275543/79001833/79923015/79906120 for pl